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What is Authenticity

Our goal with this platform is to shed light on universal themes around Authenticity. By creating an open dialogue for those to understand its importance and how it applies to their personal lives & professional brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Authenticity is subjective. Our goal is to shed light on universal themes and create an open dialogue for those to understand how it applies to their personal lives & professional brands.

From the total responses to our survey. All Brands listed are chosen organically, with survey participants picking their top 4 brands they feel are authentic. The ranking is determined by the total count for each brand.

There are a number of ways to get involved. 1) Fill out the survey. 2) Sign up for a profile on the site. 3) Claim your free $AUTH coins. 4) View the content on the site (videos, articles, & podcasts). 5) Attend / Watch one of our upcoming events. We will be announcing additional ways to participate. If you wish to do more, please contact us below.

We can work with you and your company in a number of ways. From providing speakers, event production, consultation to research data. We can help develop a plan (Marketing & Branding) and path to help you achieve your goals. Check out our full list of services in ways we can help at

Our team of leading voices and brand leaders can work with you to discuss the importance of being authentic in one’s own life also how a brand can use these ideas and themes throughout its company. We can work together on developing a marketing plan by outlining ways and processes to assist you.

The brands on our list have been chosen by our survey respondents. They told us which brands are authentic in their view, and can write in any additional brands they seem fit. If your brand is not listed, please message us below and we will consider it for list inclusion.

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